22 February 2011

paradise {potentially} found

so antigua has been marked off the list of possible honeymoon destinations after we learned that the murder rate is steadily increasing there and a pair of honeymooners were murdered in their villa in 2008 at the resort we had planned to stay at.  no, thank you.

but i think i have found THE destination and honestly, i can't believe this wasn't always at the top of my list to begin with.  the round hill resort in jamaica.  jack and jackie spent part of their honeymoon there, babe paley had a villa there {now owned by ralph lauren, who also decorated the hotel rooms}, and ian fleming was known to frequent it when he was in jamaica.  and to top it all off, preppy-fabulous designer meg braff designed villa 8, which you KNOW i will be trying to get my grubby little paws on.  did i mention the villas come fully staffed, complete with housekeepers and a cook to make you breakfast?  the beau literally giggled when i told him that juicy little detail.  with this kind of pedigree and the fact that it meets our only requirements {warm in december and a country neither of us have ever been to}, i think round hill is going to have to be our honeymoon destination!

meg braff villa 8

meg braff villa 8

meg braff villa 8

ralph lauren designed oceanfront room

jfk, as if i needed to clarify for you

the famous slim aarons photo of babe paley

*all photos courtesy of coastal living and round hill resort


MLD said...

that looks like an amazing getaway!

Deepali said...

We went to jamaica for our honeymoon, loved it! One bedroom villa that opened out to the beach, just gorgeous.

Stephanie said...

I am SO jealous! It looks amazing!

KAG said...

My family hearts Round Hill, we went every Easter for about 6 years! It's amazing, you will love it. Get a villa, because then you have your own butler and housekeeping service and they will cook you anything you want - AMAZING! xoxo KAG

designchic said...

an amazing spot...

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Can it just be summer already???
Happy (almost) weekend!

Karena said...

Wonderful getaway and I am so ready!! Lovely beyond!

Art by Karena

Paris in Pink said...

What a gorgeous-looking resort. I especially love the picture with the pink umbrella. So dreamy! By the way, your blog is divine!!

Hugs from your newest fan in Paris xx

Paris in Pink