28 February 2011

menu monday

happy monday, friends!  what started out as a glorious spring day {62 degrees at 8:30am!} here in small town, virginia has quickly turned to an icky, gray, tres rainy day.  le sigh.  all the better to grow daffodils and tulip trees, i suppose.  i had the most wonderful weekend visiting both of my grandmothers in the mountain town where they live. lots of homemade comfort food, shopping, and wedding discussion and continuing to be amazed at these two fabulous women!

here's what's on the ole menu for this week...

monday: date night! the beau has a rare evening off work tonight, so we're picking up food from a favorite local restaurant and watching movies on the couch.  can't wait to snuggle up next to him with some vino and my faux-fur blankie.

tuesday: salmon with brown butter and almonds.  looks healthy AND delicious, plus i have all of the ingredients on hand.

wednesday: sullivan's island shrimp bog, found via rachel.  my parents gave the beau a bacon-of-the-month membership for his birthday, so we have bacon piling up in our freezer.  this looks like a yummy way to use some of it up.

thursday: babe's chicken enchiladas, courtesy of alice.  i made babe's mexican lasagna last year for the beau for the first meal i ever made him and it was a HUGE hit. this recipe looks even more delicious!

friday: chick meal

saturday: chick meal

sunday: i'm hoping for two date nights in one week, but if my powers of persuasion fail me, it will be leftover night.

bon appetit!


zippitydodaaa said...

ooh, the shrimp bog looks yummy! I might have to make it this week. Thanks for sharing!

Lauren said...

umm shrimp bog! yum! might be on my menu too!

Dovecote Decor said...

I do not consider C-ville to be small town Va. I have lived in East Jesus Virginia and Know the difference!!