15 February 2011

menu tuesday

sorry it's a day late, but yesterday was all about the love! the beau spoiled me with a homemade dinner {details below} and tickets to see my girl, tay swiz {taylor swift to the uninitiated}, in atlanta this summer.  such a lucky gal!  without further ado, here is what we're noshing on this week:

monday: beau's choice! he made pan-fried chicken breasts, fettucine with a white wine mushroom cream sauce, and tossed salad with berry balsamic vinaigrette.  we were too full for dessert!

tuesday: i've got {yet another} junior league committee meeting tonight, so i'll be eating there and the beau is on his own with leftovers.

wednesday: pw's beans and cornbread.  although i'll be using my grandmama's {very similar} cornbread recipe.  the beau has NEVER had beans and cornbread, which is my family is basically sacrilege.  we will probably have some sauteed greens on the side as well.  or maybe roasted brussel sprouts.  TBD.

thursday: leftovers!  we need to clean the fridge out, big time.  birthday lasagna, chicken with white beans and tomatoes remnants, and the assortment of food we froze post-engagement party.  it's either getting eaten or tossed.

friday: dinner at the beau's boss's house. i love it when someone else does the cooking.

so this is a one-night week for me!  not much fun for your reading pleasure, but a lot of fun for my schedule and my wallet.


Sarah Beth - Dixie Gator Gal said...

Looks like y'all have a great week ahead! Glad you had a lovely valentines day!