27 April 2011

wedding wednesday

yikes, i didn't realize how long it had been since i posted!  we have entered the last quarter of our work year, and between being short staffed and our alumni reunion weekend just 15 days away, it is a perfect storm of pure chaos at our office.  add all of the wedding stuff on top {mine AND the 6 other wedding we're attending between now and ours} and i am a bit of a basketcase.  i took the day off last monday to go home and work on some assorted wedding details.  at the end of the day, all i could think about what how much stuff i have to do between now and october!

i did manage to book a florist with whom i am so excited to work.  i really wanted someone who would be a floral designer.  i knew that i didn't want to walk in to the meeting and have him say, "tell me what you want and that's what we'll do." my flower vocabulary is hopelessly limited.  i know what flowers i don't like, and i can name a few that i do like.  and i knew what color{s} i wanted and didn't want.  so i wanted someone to look at my inspiration pictures, understand the "theme" of the wedding, take my budget into account, and just run with it creatively.  i know that our florist is going to do just that and make everything so beautiful.

one other big thing to cross off the list: save-the-dates! as of this morning, they are all addressed.  i just need to stamp them and sweet talk my post office into hand-cancelling them for me.  the goal is for them to be on the way to everyone by friday.  i won't post pictures on here {yet} since several readers are also wedding guests AND since our fabulous stationer, ashley, is planning doing a sneak peek on her blog, but i will say that they are just fabulous.  i LOVE them.

we're going ring shopping this weekend, so maybe i can mark another thing off of the intimidatingly large to-do list in front of me!

that's all she wrote for now, folks.  sorry for the absence and boring post today.  i'm hoping to be back on my game with something a little more entertaining in the near future.


USCEmily said...

I've still got the flowers to cross of my to-do list and that single thing is making me the most nervous even though I want mostly cotton and feel like the flowers will be super simple. Between that and Ed not selecting all his groomsmen yet, nor us selecting a honeymoon location, I'm starting to feel the pressure, as well!

KatiePerk said...

You are making huge steps!! Exciting time!!

ASHLEY said...

YAY! So glad you are getting things done and you loved the save the dates!! :)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

you're getting things checked off with a quickness!!

my florist was also a floral designer and I was so glad. I do not speak flowers and just went in and told her what I would like and she made it happen. That was a huge relief!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

i love the calligraphy! its so pretty!! i just got engaged in march and so far we have the venue.. lots to do! youre on the ball! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams