12 January 2012

Goals and Objectives

Yay! It's another resolutions/get organized post! I'm sure you haven't already read dozens of these in the past week or two, so here are my super duper original thoughts on the topic.

*all pictures can be found on my "house pretties" and "home office" Pinterest boards

Growing up, making our resolutions and reading them out loud to the family was as much of a New Year's Day tradition as was black-eyed peas and collard greens.

Now I'm more for goals and objectives than resolutions.  Resolutions are typically just broad, general statements of what you would like to do.  Goals are specific statements of what you are going to do; objectives are how you go about accomplishing your goals.  Setting goals and objectives vs. resolutions gives you a much better chance of success, since you're plotting out your roadmap to achieve those goals.

One of my tippy top goals this year is to get my sh*t together.  The past 6 months have been an absolute whirlwind and our condo shows it.  M started a new job and moved in July. I had two bridal showers in August.  In September, I had another bridal shower, went on my bachelorette weekend, moved, and started a new job. October brought one last {surprise} shower and our wedding.  November we were gone every single weekend.  December brought a HUGE work event, our honeymoon, Christmas and New Year's.

So now here we are in January and we still haven't fully unpacked.  And what we have unpacked? Is a disaster.  They say that they key to being organized is "A place for everything and everything in its place." Judging from the below pictures, I'd say we don't have a place for anything.

This is our guest bedroom.  This morning.  You can't even get to the bed!

Yep, still haven't found a place for the Christmas tree.  Or the vaccuum.  And yes, that's a Fancy Nancy book.  She's awesome.

So. Much. Crap.

So this weekend I am working on objective numero uno: dealing with our crazy paper clutter and finding a managable solution.  We are drowing in a sea of paper!  So this weekend I will:

A Place for Everything

*purchase a paper shredder and ditch all the documents we no longer need.
*purchase a filing cabinet and file folders, sort all of the documents we need to keep, and create a space for future documents that we need to keep.
*go through my stacks and stacks and suitcases full {seriously} of old magazines.  I will tear out and file the pages I want to keep and the remaining magazines will go to recycling.

For those of you dealing with the same mess, I've found Everything LEB, Honey We're Home, and Deliciously Organized {duh} to all have super helpful posts.  Anywhere else that you've found to have helpful hints for taming the clutter?

Speaking of which, I mentioned this on Twitter and Facebook, but I have 11 issues of Brides magazine for sale.  I have almost every 2011 issue + the current 2012 issue.  Now that I'm PW {post-wedding}, I don't need them anymore, but they're in pristine condition and would be a fabulous resource for a recently engaged gal.  I'm selling the lot for $10 O.B.O + shipping.  Please let me know if you're interested or if you know someone who is!


xx BHB said...

first off, I LOVE the "SARAH'S SUMMER SHOES KEEP!!!!!" designation on that box hahaha i would TOTALLY overdo it like that :)

second, I would of course take bridal mags off your hands... except my collection is as out of control, if not worse, and I"m not even engaged yet! #crazyperson

pve design said...

Good luck with each of your resolutions and all that you will tackle this weekend to re-claim your guest room!
I know you can do it and you will be so happy you did!

L said...

I was JUST going to ask if I could come stay over this weekend, but.... haha jk! We've all been here! I have another tip: start scanning documents that are important, but not essential, or ones where you won't need the originals. Doctor and vet records, some warranties, etc. Also, a lot of user manuals can be accessed online, so I have found it saves a lot of space to throw my toaster oven and cell phone manuals out! I mean...recycle them :)

Virginia said...

I'll come organize for you! First step, clear off the guest bed!