09 January 2012

happy birthday, princess shinylocks!

*Princess Shinylocks was coined by Mrs. I Pick Pretty.
**I also like to call her the Duchess of Perfection.  That's a me original.

Either way...

Happy 30th Birthday, Crowned Royal of all things Svelte and Chic!

Since your slender figure doesn't lead one to believe you indulge of lots of cake, here is some celery with a party hat that I made in your honor.

Just as an FYI, if I were a princess, this would be my birthday cake.

*all images via my Pinterest


Lexilooo said...

Whoa- that white dress with the red hat and shoes?! LOVE! Happy birthday Kate Middleton!

Mrs. Pretty said...

I desperately want to make that celery with the party fascinator some sort of team mascot. Obviously we'd be the Smug Marrieds, but what sport are pretending to play?

In regards to Princess Shinylocks' birthday, my dear Anonymous Husband heard that info on the news last night & remarked, "Really? But she looks so much younger . . ." as he gazed dreamily at the TV. I'd have been peeved except that he's right. Hmmph.