11 January 2012

Weekend in C'Ville

 After a quick trip to the Goodwill Saturday morning, M {I'm going to start calling the hubs "M".  Less typing.}, the pup, and I headed off to my beloved C'Ville for the rest of the weekend.

M and my mother both love college basketball, so my dad got us all tickets to the ACC home opener.  We won! Naturally.

First order of business when we got to town was to head directly to Christian's.  Their avocado feta pizza speaks to my soul.  The current students don't know how good they have it to have one on the Corner! Back in my day, we had to hike all the way down to the Downtown Mall for a fix.

On the way out of town on Sunday, we had to stop at Bellair for sandwiches.  Yes, it's a gourmet sandwich shop.  Yes, it's inside of an Exxon.  Just believe me when I say that there isn't a bad thing on the menu. 

And looky what I found!  The much-sought-after Bulgari-edition Pellegrino!

Somebody was wiped out from his first hotel experience.  Between walking all over Grounds, providing a shoulder to lean on for Mommy's emotional outbursts of "GAH, I miss this place!", and patiently waiting for Daddy to drop a bite of his Littlejohn's Nuclear sub...it was just more than the little dude could handle.

Special thanks to my parents for facilitating our little weekend jaunt.  Xx.


LuvRedandWhite said...

Y'all are GOOD this year, and you definitely have a great coach in Tony Bennett. He's such a cutie! I'm very glad that my Wolfpack only play your boys once and that it's a home game for us.

Glad you had a great time at the game! I have season tickets to NCSU games, and this year, the games have been SUCH a treat :) XOXO

pretty pink tulips said...

Sounds like a happy, happy day --- and that avocado feta cheese pizza would be speaking to my soul as well. YUM!

It's so fun to go and cheer for your favorite team!
xoxo Elizabeth

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I just graduated from UVA--I'm headed back up sometime soon to spend a day in C'ville and after reading this post I have a feeling I'll be stopping by Christians!