13 January 2012

Why I Watch the NFL

To be more specific, why I root for the Baltimore Ravens:

1.  I married a Baltimore boy.  It's not optional to be a Baltimore sports fan. 

2. Head Coach John Harbaugh.  Hubba hubba.  I think he is SUCH a dreamboat.  This is probably because M looks like him.  Whatever.  He is serious sideline eyecandy.

So come Sunday, while M is at the game with his family cheering his lungs out, I'll be on the couch hoping for a glimpse of the coach.  Either way, GO RAVENS!

Happy weekend!

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Emily's Going Nuts said...

HAaahahaha! You're right... that guy is a hottie! But I think it would be blasphemous if I decided after all of these years to watching football and instantly cheer for a team other than the Patriots (ESPECIALLY if I only cheered for them because of the hot coach).

LuvRedandWhite said...

W. and I cut to your game last night, and I saw Tony Bennett on the screen. Then I saw the one cutie player (Harris???). I went, "HELLO HOTTIES!" W. looked at me and frowned. Whoops ;)