23 January 2012

Picture Perfect

*My blog got a makeover! If you're in Google Reader, click out to see the gorgeous blog design by Marina at Penny Lane Designs.  I can't say enough wonderful things about working with her, and I'm so thrilled with the new look!*

M and I spent the weekend in Middleburg at a cozy B&B.  Middleburg is such a charming little town, with the most incredible restaurants and vineyards and shops.  Being in a place like that is SO inspirational that I couldn't help but want to document it all.  Only problem?

We don't have a camera.  Well, technically, we have 2 cameras.  But mine is a college-era relic {and I'm celebrating my 5th reunion this year} with a busted screen.  Battle scar from a fraternity formal.  M's camera works, except the drive for the memory card is corrupt.  So we can't actually store any of the pictures it takes.  We're taking all of these fun trips and making all of these wonderful memories with no way to record any of it.

So the time has come for us to purchase one.  But there are SO many options out there.  I don't want a DSLR.  That will come in time, but right now, it's just not the best option for us.  Here are the current contenders:

At this point, the top 2 contenders are the Panasonic and the Canon S95. 

Martha {if you have to ask "Martha who?", we're probably not friends anymore} raves about the Canon G12 and says it's a great blogger's camera, but since a lot of the reason I don't want a DSLR is the size, the G12 doesn't offer enough size downgrade to tempt me. 

Same deal with the Nikon.  The size is just a bit too bulky for what I'm looking for.  But it's the only Nikon in the bunch, and I've always only used Nikon.  I'm a little scared to brand deviate.

Which leaves us with the top 2.  And I am having the hardest time picking!  They're about the same price-wise.  The Canon is a little smaller and it was also recommended by Martha.  It looks like they both take lovely pictures.  And I love the slightly retro stylings of the Panasonic.

So, dear readers, which do you recommend?  Do any of you have one of these cameras?  Do you love it? Hate it?  Recommend something altogether different?  I consider a good camera an investment, so I want to make the right choice.  Help!


Smug said...

Have you looked at the Nikon 1 cameras? (http://shop.nikonusa.com/store/nikonusa/en_US/list/ThemeID.18145600/Cameras/Nikon_1_Cameras/parentCategoryID.43886700/categoryID.56827800) I saw the commercial for them and they look like a nice blance between a point and shoot (small, compact and easy) and a DSLR (has lenses and such).

I use a DSLR and I LOVE it!! I am really glad that I went with it over another point and shoot and I love getting into all the editing and stuff too, so that is something to think about too.

Good luck with your decision

Michelle C. said...

Love your blog's new look! It's very "Virginia" which I like (hello from the Southeast part of the state).

Anyways, cameras...

I go back and forth with wanting a "big girl" camera. Some days I'm ready to drop the cash for a big ole DSLR, other days...not so much. The camera I'm currently using is this one:


It's a Panasonic and I love it. It's a "tweener" which is great because it has manual settings so I can use it like a DSLR, but I don't. It takes great pictures. For some examples:





I'm very pleased with my Panasonic. The other other brand of digital camera I've ever owned has been Kodak so this was a nice change.

Maggie said...

I have a Canon S90 and LOVE it. A friend of mine who has a DLSR but was looking to downsize fell in love with my camera, too, and ended up going with the S95 (which is newer and I think cheaper). She loved that camera so much that I bought the same for my mom, who also keeps raving about it.

Miss Sweet Tea said...

I can't offer you any advice on a camera, but I just wanted to say that I love your new look! It is very you!

The Demoiselle said...

Totally off topic but this is my first visit and I LOVE YOUR BLOG design. Too cute!! Good luck with the camera decision. I got a DSLR and definately don't regret the investment but it's a MAJOR learning curve.

Barefoot in the Park said...

ooo ilove your new look!!

Jane said...

I have the canon s95. It takes amazing pictures ... and it practically fits in my pocket, which is awesome!

LPC said...

I take all my photos with a Panasonic Lumix. I think the Leica lens matters. And, BTW, I like your redesign!