16 February 2012

Every House Needs...First Aid and Personal Security Essentials

Welcome to the third installment of the Every House Needs... lists! {You can find the first and second installments here.}  I think today's installment is probably the most important {albeit the most boring}, because the lists today are all about making sure your home is prepared for emergency situations. 

First Aid Essentials

First up is a list of First Aid Kit essentials.  HB consulted an NYC school nurse for the list.  Admittedly, I'm not doing so hot on this list.  We have maybe half of the items, and even then, they're not all in the same place.  I need to make this a priority.

1.  Adult and Children's Tylenol and Motrin.

2.  Liquid Benadryl for any allergic reaction.

3.  Ace bandages

4.  Band-aids

5.  Gauze

6.  Small scissors

7.  First Aid tape

8.  Thermometer

9.  Alcohol to clean the thermometer

10.  Antibiotic ointment

11.  Tweezers

12.  Eye rinse

13.  Cough medicine

14.  Burn spray

15.  Caladryl lotion

16.  Hot water bottle for a stomachache {Is that not the cutest hot water bottle cover?!}

17. Epsom salts to dissolve in a bath for sore muscles

18.  A list of emergency numbers: poison control center, police, fire department, ambulance, hospital, doctor, neighbor.

Personal Security Checklist

Personal Security Checklist by gesshoo on polyvore.com

Next up is a Personal Security checklist from a Colorado police sergeant.  We suck at this list.  We definitely have the canned goods, and M knows how to do CPR.  I was certified a million years ago, but really need to take a refresher course.  We have an ancient fire extinguisher in the laundry room that came with the condo.  That's about it.  Yikes.

1.  Flashlight

2.  First Aid Kit {see above}

3.  One or two people who know CPR

4.  Rope ladder with wooden steps, to get out of a second-story window in an emergency

5.  Fire extinguisher
6.  Bottled water, candles, and canned food, in case of a power outage 

Are you prepared for an emergency situation?  Alice did a fantastic post on fire safety a few weeks ago that you should definitely check out. As she points out, it's important to be prepared for any situation because in the event on an emergency, you won't have any time.

Hop to it!


Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

This is fantastic! I am clearly not prepared for an emergency. I do have plenty of wine, though? So glad your enjoying my chintz board. I've always loved it but tried to rebel and pretend I was over it. But the heart wants what the heart wants ;)