28 February 2012

Menu Monday

*This was meant to be posted yesterday, but I was home sick and tried posting with the iPhone Blogger app. FAIL.*

This is an old favorite for me. I made this meal a lot for myself in my single days, and now M loves it as much as I do. Easy, fast, and healthy. I used tilapia because it was what my store had. And I use the 90-second microwave brown rice to make the meal even faster.

This was our Mardi Gras meal. I know it's a bit of a spin on the traditional red beans and rice, but it was so delicious. I found that mine needed to cook quite a bit longer than the recipe called for, but the sauce was so yummy and honestly, next time I would add more pepper. We love spice, and this wasn't nearly spicy enough.

I bought a King Cake at our grocery store for dessert. Can you believe M had never heard of or tried King Cake?! I guess that's what happens when you marry a boy who went to school in Connecticut. Considering this was purchased at a chain store in northern Virginia, I was impressed with how tasty it was.

Best. Takeout. Ever.
Taken on Instagram, a relatively new discovery for me. Come join me! I'm @belleonheels.

M had a game on Wednesday night, so I treated myself to a falafel platter from the kabob shop across from our condo. This place is one of the highlights of where we live. The falafel and hummus are perfect and I fantasize about the chickpea stew with yogurt sauce. Sooooooo good!

Worst. Date Night. Ever.
I got M tickets to see Jim Gaffigan in D.C. last Thursday for his birthday. I made reservations for us to have dinner a sweet little French bistro before, and we were both looking forward to a night in the city.

Now, I know DC pretty well. At my last job, I went there for work quite a bit. So I know what to expect with DC traffic and factored that into our travel time. Basically, I gave us an extra hour of travel time above and beyond what it usually take to get there.

And it was plenty of time. We got into the city with time to spare. Until we tried to find a place to park. Half of the garages close at 7pm, and it seemed like most of the 24-hour garages were full. We drove around a 5-block radius for 45 minutes until we could find a place.

Needless to say, my dreams of a romantic dinner did not come true. Instead, M got fast food Mediterranean food {where I proceeded to have an emotional meltdown inside. It was a long day.} and I got a Filet O Fish after the show. Insert heavy sigh here.

I had high hopes for this dish, since it's all flavors I love, but I though it was kind of blah. I felt like the pasta to sauce/cheese ratio was way too high. I doubt we'll see this one again.

Bon appetit!


Sarah Beth - Dixie Gator Gal said...

Love these posts! I hate trying to park in DC, too! I got a DC parking ticket last month and forgot to pay it, I was kind of distracted having a baby-ha! Now it's $50, booo!

pretty pink tulips said...

I had to laugh...b/c I thought that last dish looked really yummy. Then, I read your comment about it. Too funny!!

We're heading to DC with our boys for a weekend in March. Staying at a hotel close to the White House. Any restaurant recommendations for us? Casual, since we have the little guys in tow.

xo Elizabeth