03 February 2012


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This week has been one of those weeks that's left me seeing spots.  I've been pulled in a million different directions, it felt like there were never enough hours in the day, and no matter how much I accomplished, it seems like my to-do lists {both at work and at home} are still a mile long!

I wish I could say I had some downtime this weekend, but we've got lots to do to get ready for the Super Bowl party we're hosting.  Here's hoping I can squeeze in a bubble bath and a glass of wine at some point!

What are your weekend plans? Who are you rooting for?  Since our beloved Ravens aren't playing and I grew up with Ah*mad Br*adshaw, we'll be rooting for the Giants.


LindsB said...

Ummm, I THOUGHT I loved your blog till I read GIANTS at the end of it. This will end our blog relationship now, it's never going to work between us if you are a Giants fan.

Oh and GO PATS!!

xx BHB said...

Agree with LindsB --- GO PATS :D

And also I want ALL of these polka'd items.

LuvRedandWhite said...

Love the polka dot clothes :)

I honestly don't care because I always like pulling for an underdog/a team who hasn't won in a while. I'll be watching for the commercials ;)

Sarah Beth - Dixie Gator Gal said...

Love the polka dots! If you don't have pioneer Romans salsa on your superbowl party menu, add it! Seriously takes 2 minutes to make (I don't chop anything since it's all going in the cuisenart) and the best salsa ever! We have no plans for the weekend, but are hoping to have a baby. I'm 2 days past my due date already.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love, polka dots! Your post made me smile from my tissue-ridden bed. (I have a cold). Hoping the Super Bowl party is a blast, no matter WHO wins.

Kate said...

I hope the Super Bowl party went smoothly!

I am loving all of the polkadots!