08 February 2012

Every House Needs...Powder Room and Makeup

Welcome to the second installment of the Every House Needs... lists!  {You can find the first installment here}.  Today is Bobbi Brown's list of makeup essentials and Meg Braff's list of powder room essentials.  Enjoy!

Make-up Essentials

Bobbi Brown's Makeup Essentials:

1. A good set of makeup brushes.  I just ordered some of these brushes, per Shasta's recommendation. Can't wait to start using them!

2.  Moisturizing balm. This is my miracle cream. I have super duper dry skin, which is made worse by the Retin-A I use.  But as long as I slather my face with this stuff every night, I wake up with soft, dewy skin.

3.  A flattering light source and white lightbulbs.  Bobbi recommends placing your vanity near natural light, which is best for applying makeup, but she says the next best thing is white lightbulbs.

4. Blistex.  I prefer Burt's Bees or Chapstick, but whatever. You get the idea.

5.  Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics.

6.  Customizable makeup palette.  My college bestie always had theeee most flawless makeup {still does!}, and I largely credit that to her customized Bobbi Brown palettes.  I've always wanted one, but yet to actually do it.  Maybe 2012 is the year?

7.  Pictures of family.

8.  Blush.  I've always been a NARS girl, but on Sally and Molly's recommendation, I've just ordered Tarte Amazonian Clay in Blissful.  Here's hoping it's as great as they say!

9.  Concealer.  "It's the secret of the universe", according to Bobbi.  I couldn't agree more!

The only thing I think she's left out here is mascara.  I have blonde eyelashes and small eyes, so if I don't wear mascara, it's just not good.  What about you? What are your essentials that Bobbi left out?

Powder Room Essentials
Meg Braff's Powder Room Essentials:

1.  Hand soap.  If it's liquid, be sure it's clear! {Rumor has it that Kiehl's Coriander is Tory Burch's fave.}

2.  Vintage hand towels to add a personal touch.

3.  A Charlotte Moss "Left Bank" candle.

4.  A tall mirror, to make ceilings seem higher and give the space grander proportions

5.  Disposable white or ivory hand towels. Personalize them with a monogram in the color of the room.

6.  A beautiful tray to put everything on.

7.  A bowl with simple, fresh flowers.

8.  Ample lighting.

9.  Luxury hand cream in chic packaging.

10. If there's a window, sheer cafe curtains, with a tiny gimp on the bottom, to add privacy and style but maximize natural light. {not pictured}

I'm not sure I'll be providing our guests with La Mer hand cream anytime soon, but I sure would love to get a whiff of that Charlotte Moss candle!


pve design said...

love the new look here! pardon me while I powder my nose!

designchic said...

Such great tips here...love the silver sconces!! Happily following your blog ~