06 February 2012

Menu Monday

I'm trying to make an effort to cook more out of the cookbooks and magazines I have and not so much from recipes I find online.  This week was a success! Four recipes from cookbooks/magazines and two from online.  Another of week of meal planning, another week of delicious meals.  

 *Can anyone tell me how to stop Blogger from rotating this picture? It's sideways!*

I made these in the crockpot so it was ready for us when we got home from work. This was a yummy, inexpensive, hearty meal.  Bonus: totally vegetarian.  We had kale instead of escarole, since that's what I had in the house. 

Hot Nicoise Salad {Gwyneth Paltrow My Father's Daughter}

If you like salad nicoise, you'll love this.  If you don't like it, then you won't like this. I love it, so I loved this.  M loved that it was basically a one-pan meal, which meant very few dishes for him.  Win-win.

Lemon Chicken Breasts {Barefoot Contessa How Easy is That?}

This is a new go-to for us!  It was so flavorful and the chicken was unbelievably juicy.  I served it with couscous with toasted pine nuts and sauteed green beans, per Ina's suggestion. SO good.

I thought these could have used a little bit more oomph.  Maybe a little more salt and more Italian seasoning.  They were good, but they were a tad bland.  Either way, they were super easy to make and very filling. 

Forgot to take my own picture.
Meh.  This was the one thing I made that I didn't love.  The pork was just not that flavorful.  The mashed potatoes were a delicious side, and the pork marinade reduced to a yummy sauce.  But the pork itself? I was take it or leave it.

Again, forgot to take my own picture.

These were easy to make and really yummy.  They didn't taste like a "diet" recipe at all.  Word to the wise: they aren't very sweet, so if you have a sweet tooth, you may want to double up on the glaze.  Granted, that would probs make them un-Weight Watchers.  But just saying.  I don't like super-sweet things, so these were perfect for me.

Bon appetit!


xx BHB said...

I love the "Magazine Pic" next to your own camera pic, your food looks delicious!!

KatiePerk said...

You have been quite the busy chef! It all looks delicious! The Hot Nicoise Salad looks amazing!

Sarah Beth - Dixie Gator Gal said...

How do your pics look just as fantastic as the magazine ones?!?

I want to start doing this again. I used to do our menu plan vs what we actually had. I want to try the chicken dish!