29 February 2012

The Kate Effect

Is it ridiculous of me to want these Le Chameau Vierzon boots just because the Duchess of Perfection has them? Even though I already have a perfectly lovely pair of Hunters?

Don't answer that.

Also, I would be lying if I said I hadn't been researching cocker spaniel rescue groups in our area.

Don't judge me.


Plami said...

Kate is always so stylish!



Allison @ Queen City said...

I agree!! Kate's style is amazing... I love how she always looks so effortless.

Mrs. Pretty said...

Rescue dogs & wellies - what's not to like?

I'd never heard of that particular wellies brand before Princess Shinylocks started sporting them, and now I'm torn - torn! - between a pair of those & a pair of Hunters (either of which, granted, I may wear twice a year here in Texas, but I do need them those two days).