11 August 2009

cali-forn-i-ay, here i come!

hi lovelies! i have missed y'all! i have been terrible about commenting, but i've been keeping up with everyone's posts as best as i can. i wanted to do a quick post before i jet across the country tomorrow. i have so missed blogging and have way too much to catch y'all up on in only one post, so i'll just focus on the fun stuff.

first, tonight is my FIRST junior league event. since i live in teeny town, usa, there is no jl chapter in my town/county. however, there are 2 chapters within an hour of me in either direction. i toyed with the idea of joining one of them {sippycup's chapter} last year, but it just wasn't the best fit or timing for me. as luck would have it, two of my real-life besties are super involved with the chapter in the other direction and one of them is overseeing new member recruitment this year. plus, real-life bestie {and blurker} a will be in my provisional class, so it should be a super fun time!

then tomorrow i head out to sunny socal! i am beyond jazzed about the entire trip, but the best part will surely be friday and saturday. the sister and i are renting a convertible and heading to san diego and santa monica for the weekend. mindy and missing food in sd have been darling enough to recommend some yummy san diego restaraunts AND i get to meet up with some of my absolute fave bloggy friends in santa monica {kate, muffy, miss sweet tea, icing on the cake, and annabel...SO fun!}. can't wait to make these ladies real-life friends! i plan on coming back with a killer tan and a suitcase full of chanel and cute animals from the san diego zoo memories.

please note this is not our actual rental car, but rather the car my future hubby prince harry will be purchasing for me.

so ttfn, loves! i will be back next wednesday with a new what's cooking wednesdays {admit it...you've missed it} and a recap of my malibu barbie adventures!


Legallyblondemel said...

So much to like here - yay for Junior League and San Diego, my homeland!

Where in SD are you staying? I have plenty of food rec's & can send you some depending on the neighborhood you're in or want to visit.

LPC said...

Hoping for photos. I know some of the Internet girlies are incognito. Perhaps shots of their no doubt beautifully clad feet? Or is that weird. Hmm. Probably too weird. Never mind.

sarah said...

Have an absolutely fantastic trip! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

Have a great trip! And I would totally want to bring back some of those adorable animals from that amazing zoo!

Children of the 90s said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I love SoCal. Have fun!