07 August 2009

vacay help needed!

i know i said i was disappearing for awhile, but i am in desperate need of blogworld help. i am headed to southern cali on vacay next week {first time ever in this part of the left coast!} and i need food recs, specifically, places to eat in palm springs and san diego. i HATE touristy places, so please do not send me any of those. i want to know where the locals eat or about the best dining experiences you've had in these places.

ready? set? go! talk to me.


Anonymous said...

wish I could be some help to ya, but I got nothing. Hope you have a great vacation though!

Missing SD food said...

There are many good, cheap food places in San Diego. Don't miss the fish tacos. If I had to choose just three places, here are my favorites:

Best burger: Hodad's in Ocean Beach. Service is amazing (those guys NEVER mess up an order, no matter how complicated), burgers are REALLY good (I recommend go small, and ask them to cut it in half), and it's a fun neighboorhood. Lines at peak times, but hours are good so you can get in easily if you avoid the peaks. http://www.hodadies.com/

Authentic Mexican in Barrio Logan: Las Cuatros Milpas. Really yummy-- love the burritos and the beans are amazing. Tortillas are made in the back (grab one of the seats in the kitchen and watch). True barrio atmosphere, but worth it for the food. Again, if you're there at a peak time, there will be a line out the door. Las Cuatros Milpas 1857 Logan Ave San Diego, CA

Good Thai in Coronado: Swaddee Thai Restaurant
1001 C Ave Coronado. The curries here (I love the green) have more complexity (and are less greasy) than most Thai places. Delicious. Tablecloths and no lines.