19 August 2009

things i lurrrve

i promise to have a fun vacay recap asap, but since i'm wading through a pile of e-mails and telephone calls, i just had to share my fun little welcome back to work moment{s} this morning.

i purchased the above little darlings at target on sale for $12.48 a few weeks ago. since i pretty much haven't been in the office for oh....the past 3 weeks...today was the first time they made their work debut.
i have had no less than three female colleagues stop me and comment on my "adorable new torys." i just nod and smile and say "thank you". it's not lying if i don't correct them, is it?

high fashion look, bottom barrel price tag. loves it.


sarah said...

It isn't your fault that they think they are more expensive than they are.

Plus, it would be rude to correct someone who is paying you a compliment.

CC said...

So cute! :)


Kassie said...

Those are so cute!! Love them.

LPC said...

And if someone says, love your Varinas, just smile and nod too.

gigiofca said...

those shoes are cute *and* comfortable ;-)