13 August 2009

i just had to share

i adore a good cobb salad. bliss.

welcome to the wonderful world of scheduled posts! whilst i'm currently sunning myself by the pool in palm springs, cruising on the pch, and making obnoxious cooing noise at darling animals here, i have a few of these suckers scheduled for your entertainment pleasure.

this first one is brief. i stumbled upon this article in the times a few weeks ago and pretty much have it memorized now. it. is. GENIUS. i am an excellent recipe-follower {reason i like to bake!} but not the most creative cook when left to my own devices. these are combinations i would never have thought to try, but now i can't imagine life without them {ok yeah....i know...that was a bit heavy on the hyperbole}. but seriously....they are freaking NOM NOM. try them. all of them. now. i have...and now i'm one of those annoying girls who only wants to eat salad.

bon appetit, my loves!


T i f f a n y said...

Oooh - I too am a fan of the cobb salad! I wish I was better at making them at home but I can never replicate the restaurant version, for some reason. Have you tried the new one that Panera Bread has? It's missing avocado but other than that it's pretty tasty :)

sarah said...

That salad looks delicious!

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

Great-looking salad! I am so jealous of your visit to the San Diego Zoo! It's so amazing - I went there when I was like 3 or 4 and don't remember, but I have tons of pictures, so I feel like I do!