18 August 2009


hi lovelies! i will be back in full swing tomorrow with vacay recap, but i had to let y'all in on a faboosh deal right away.

i popped in to target today for some lotion and found a jackpot of a home decor deal.  riedel, maker of my most favoritest vino accoutrements {the stemless O wine tumblers...i seriously have a cabinet full of these!}, also makes all manner of gorgeous crystal items, including some vases at target that i've been eyeing for quite some time.  there they were, marked down to $3.75 each.  $3.75, people!!  look how GORG they are:

i pretty much bought out our store's stock, but you should run to your nearest tarjay and grab a few for yourself! a pair of these would make a lovely wedding or housewarming gift.


CTB said...

Ooooh great find! Thank you!!

Mrs. Newlywed said...

...and now I want to go shopping

Kassie said...

I LOVE all the deals you can get at target, and it's great stuff even for being so cheap!!

LPC said...

Oooh nice!