24 August 2009

hello, my name is fabulous!

let me start by saying i am NOT a jeans girl. most days i can be found in a dress {ALWAYS my first choice}, pencil skirt, or wool work pants. Evenings out and weekends are almost always a more casual dress {i have a closet full of j.crew cotton and jersey dresses that are in constant rotation}. however, i notice all these gals out and about looking adorable and fashionable and classy in jeans and i finally thought, "hey, i can do that." until i realized that i live in the middle of nowhere and can't go try on cute jeans and then even if i ordered some nice designer jeans i would have to risk having them butchered altered by the folks in town because i am a midget. damn.

enter gap. i know our little corner of the blog world has been abuzz about their new line of premium denim thanks to kate, slynnro, and mrs. mojito's faboosh party, but i am here to confirm everything they said. i. love. these. jeans. i was visiting the parentals this weekend and popped into the mall to pick up some new sheets at macy's. gap wooed me in with the promise of $20 any of their new jeans. i picked up a pair of the sexy boot, dark wash, ankle length, and away to the dressing room.

oh.mi.GAWSH. they make my butt look amazing. this is not small feat, given the fact that um....i have no butt. at all. nonexistent. it looks like i do in these jeans, and a rather cute one, i might add. they are also the perfect dressy dark wash for evenings out and {best of all} the length is perfect. i don't have to have them altered one little bit, saving me $ and the constant fear of what our local ateliers may do to them.

run to your nearest gap and try them all on. i bet that there is a pair just perfect for you.


Beth Dunn said...

I've been hearing great things about the new gap jeans. will check it out. xo

Michelle said...

I'm wearing a pair of Gap jeans right now...they are fading, but I love them so! Gap jeans are so worth the money...especially for a shorty like me (I'm 5' tall with a short rise). Even petite size jeans from Ann Taylor Loft don't fit me well b/c of the whole rise situation (and who wants to walk around looking like they have a load of you-know-what in their pants?!).

Anyways...hooray on the Gap jeans score!!!

sarah said...

Love the new Gap jeans! They are fantastic!

Kate said...

I guess I need to try these-everyone is raving about them!