26 August 2009

non sequitur

three totally random, unrelated things i thought i would share:

1. i know i complain a lot about small town, va, but then there are sublime little moments when i realize how lucky i am to live in such a beautiful place. case in point: whilst out for our nightly run yesterday, puppy boy and i encountered a mama dear and two tooth-achingly adorable baby deer {complete with white spots all over} eating dinner in a field. they didn't seem to mind us at all {this could have something to do with the fact that puppy boy resembles a baby deer, but that's another story...}. they just stood there, munching and watching us run by without a care in the world. definitely a "nature is awesome!" moment.

2. i am an ad man's dream come true. i am a sucker for a pretty label. case in point: i ran into the grocery store this afternoon for some fruit. i was quickly distracted by the divine labels featured on cupcake vineyards' bottles. i didn't even bother to check the price {cheap, as it turns out} or the ratings {pretty good, according to wine enthusiast}, but the sav blanc label was yellow, had cupcakes on it, and said it tasted like "grandma's lemon chiffon". sold. i'll report back with tasting reviews tomorrow...

3. i RARELY talk politics on my blog, because i don't think this is the appropriate forum. that said, i am appalled at some people's attitutdes towards our politicians. i realize not everyone liked or agreed with ted*dy kenne*dy, but the man died today. this is not something to scoff at. was he a perfect man who never did anything wrong? definitely not. did he spend his entire working life in the service of his country? yes. but today, someone lost a parent, an uncle, a grandfather, and a friend. at least for his family's sake, show a little respect, people. sheesh.

in other news, it's hump day! i am sooooo ready for a weekend at home {the first in over a month and a half}. and by home, i mean laying by the pool. gotta squeeze in every last drop of summer!


Katiesperk said...

Excellent point about Ted Kennedy.
I am also a sucker for pretty packaging/ads!

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

I agree with you on Teddy.

Also, um -- I NEED THAT WINE NOW!!

sarah said...

I am with you on the marketing. I am always buying bottles of wine because the labels are pretty.

icing on the cake said...

Awww, I love deer. That's one thing about LA, the only wildlife you see are the drivers! And I'm sad about Senator Kennedy - he's a good example of how imperfect people are and that we all have the capacity for change.

KAC said...

Completely agree with you on Teddy...I can't believe some of the disrespect. I also completely fall for pretty packaging esp when it comes to wine!