07 February 2011

menu monday

well, we just had the BEST weekend, but i am still in full-on recovery mode.  our engagement party was an absolute blast.  it was so wonderful to spend time with friends and family and celebrate.  i bought my wedding dress on saturday morning {more to come!}, so between that and the party, this whole impending marriage thing is starting to feel real.  we're thanking our lucky stars that the packers won the super bowl last night, but with not going to bed until around 4am on sunday morning and staying up for the game last night, i am running on fumes.  so here's my week of easy peasy recipes to help me regain my energy and flush out all of the bacon i ate this weekend!

monday: chicken with white beans and tomatoes.  roasted broccoli on the side.  this recipe just looks so comforting in a french bistro sort of way. 

tuesday: salmon with kale salad.  i had planned to make this 2 weeks ago, and it just didn't happen.  after all the eating and boozing we did this weekend, i'm looking forward to this uber-healthy meal.

wednesday: the beau's birthday! pw lasagna, pw caesar salad, and chocolate peanut butter pie {recipe from a family friend} for dessert. he's going to LOVE it.

thursday: i've got a junior league meeting, so the beau will be on his own with birthday dinner leftovers.

friday: chipotle burrito bowls.  i've been wanting to make these for ages.  the beau and i love chipotle, but the nearest one is over an hour away from us and it's not exactly the healthiest food on the planet. i can't imagine this is going to be anything other that amazing.

we're spending the weekend on the chesapeake bay with the beau's sister, so i'm off the hook for cooking saturday and sunday nights.


ASHLEY said...

YUMMY FOOD but what is even better is getting your dress!!! YAY!! So glad you enjoyed your party! Send me photos of the dress!!!

The Zhush said...

Having just made spaghetti and meatballs again, I could really use this list, great inspiration, very excited to have found your blog!

Pink Champagne said...

You bought your wedding dress! You bought your wedding dress! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!