10 January 2012

our honeymoon: part 2

I would reckon that 95% of you will find this post completely dull.  But for those of you who are like me and just love travel food porn, this post is for you.  For me, the food on a trip is one of the most important parts.  And the food at East Winds Inn? Some of the best I've ever had.  So it warranted its own post.  With LOTS of pictures.

Consider yourself warned.

Afternoon tea was served everyday by the pool.  The birds loved it and so did we.

pineapple granita {the first night's amuse bouche}

my first steak of the week 

At lunch one day they had a cookout on an open pit BBQ.  We had the fish with homemade BBQ sauce and it was amazing.  There's also a green banana and whitefish salad on that plate.  I realize it sounds horrifying, but it was so yummy I went back for seconds!

Toasted coconut chips.  One of the little snacks served at the nightly cocktail hour.

Fish fritters with pineapple chutney.

Chocolate raspberry mousse.

There was a selection of cheeses at lunch everyday.  which is my idea of heaven. I ate a LOT of brie. 

On Thursday night, they set up a private dinner in a gazebo on the beach for the two of us.  This was our menu.

Sauteed pork with jerk seasonings

Oh. Em. Gee.  This is the glazed potato with raclette cheese. UNREAL!!!

Squid Ink risotto.  The hubs had never tried squid ink before and he ended up loving this even more than I did. 

Hubs got the blue marlin in pink peppercorn sauce. So pretty.

I had the roasted duckling. I love duck.
We both got the Bailey's cheesecake for dessert.  We don't turn down cheesecake.

Every Friday night, there's a cookout on the beach.  They have steak, fish, lobster, and veggie kabobs.  We inhaled our lobster {I got mine with lime butter, hubs got his flambed with whiskey} and veggie kabobs before I could take a picture.  So here you have steak with bernaise and fish with green curry.

Friday night desserts: Baba au rum, banana cream pie, coconut cream pie

Honey roasted pork belly {the hubs' favorite}

Amazing cappucino foam

lots of yummy fresh fruit at lunch, along with carrot slaw {another hubs' favorite} and the most amazing stewed okra

This was our expression after most lunches.  So much food and so much wine made us quite sleepy and a bit uncomfortable.

Every night was a different four course meal, with several selections for each course.

Salmon pasta

Asparagus veloute

Grilled tuna with mustard sauce

Cheese souffle

Aaah, I love how kitschy and retro this banana flambe is!

White and dark chocolate mousse

Paella for lunch on our last full day.  It was so unbelievably beautiful in real life that I was almost afraid to eat it.  Almost.

That pasta right there?  Is a mystery to me.  I'm pretty certain it was only pasta, a little parmesan, a little garlic, and a little lemon.  But it was the best pasta I've ever had.  HOW?

Carrot ginger soup.  I NEED to recreate this at home.

Some sort of fish stew for lunch.
Salmon with chanterelle cream sauce and sauteed okra. 

More of that delicious lunch BBQ!

We felt like all we did on this trip was eat.  And we loved every second of it.  What we really enjoyed was that the food was all incredibly fresh {the seafood was whatever was caught that day and the produce was all purchased from local, organic farmers} and incredibly local. 

We didn't want to go to the Caribbean and stay at a resort with non-Caribbean food.  Without naming names, there is a certain hotel chain in St. Lucia that features Italian, Chinese, and cheesburger restaurants.  Not for us.  We wanted something slightly more "authentic" {although, admittedly, I doubt everyone on the island has 4-course meals every night!} and we got it.


L said...

HAHAH, this is your best post yet!!! I am drooling!!! I am going to try and make myself feel better with lunch with friends at a terrific Caribbean restaurant on Friday, but it just WON'T COMPARE!!!
PS, on the pasta...it was most likely homemade. My mom (Italian) makes homemade pasta from time to time and it's SO eggy and creamy tasting. If you add simple things like butter, Parmesan, lemon, etc. it puts you over the moon. You should give it a try and maybe get some of your honeymoon pasta experience back in your life :)

xx BHB said...

THESE LOOK SO GOOD!!!! (ps re: carrot ginger soup? I made it a few months ago, it is SO easy and SO worth buying a knob of fresh ginger to use)

Amber said...

Oh my these shots are definitely food porn. All I can think about now is Chocolate raspberry mousse and how I want to bathe in it. :)

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