28 February 2012

Deauville and Tory Burch

 I seriously could not be more obsessed with the Tory Burch Spring 2012 collection.  I want every. single. piece.  How unbelievably chic are these lookbook images?!  Tory said that the collection is inspired by Deauville in the Twenties — sporty and polished with special details.

Deauville is a seaside resort in northwestern France that, since the 19th century, has been a fashionable holiday resort for the international upper class.  Coco Chanel was famously inspired by Deauville.  She frequented the area with her lover, Boy Capel, and opened a boutique there in 1913 where she introduced luxe casual clothes that were suitable for leisure and sport.  Deauville was a honeymoon spot for Daisy and Tom Buchanan {of 'The Great Gatsby' fame.}  It is also considered to be the inspiration for the fictional setting of Casino Royale.

It's easy to see how Deauville would be a wealth of inspiration for both Coco and Tory.  I think I would be right at home there wearing their beautiful designs!


Mrs. Pretty said...

Painfully chic - sign me up for the collection & the Deauville trip!

Kate said...

Love love love! Wow! A new Tory Burch store is opening my local mall in May. Can't wait!