12 December 2012

Christmas Treat Staples

For me, there are just certain things I HAVE to have in December.

I love these chocolate oranges.  They're a bit kitsch, but when I was growing up, I thought they were the height of haute gourmand sweets.  Have you ever had one?  They come wrapped in gold foil and are actually shaped like an orange. You just "peel" off a segment and bliss!

This is Christmas in a box for me.  When I was little, I danced in The Nutcracker every year. I was obsessed with it.  One year, this was one of my Advent gifts and I treasured it. It's black tea with vanilla and cinnamon and hazelnut. SO GOOD. This year I got panicky because I couldn't find it at our local grocery store so I ordered several boxes direct from Celestial Seasonings.  Of course, the next day I saw a huge display at the grocery store.  Oh well.
Panettone has been a more recent addition to my holiday treat repertoire.  I think its origins are when I discovered Food Network and Everyday Italian {RIP non-shitty Giada} in college.  I bought a box at TJ Maxx and whipped up panettone French toast {minus the syrup and berries. That's gilding the lily.} and I've been hooked ever since.  Oddly enough, non-Italian me is introducing this to my very-Italian husband this year.  It makes for a wonderful Christmas morning breakfast with bacon.

Are there any seasonal-specific treats that you just have to have?  


LindsB said...

Trader Joes Peppermint Macarons! OMG I cant get enough of them in my mouth fast enough!

Karen Albert said...

There are so many Holiday treats at World Market; especially love the stollen!

2012 Artists Series,

Leslie said...

Yummy! I've had all three of these delicious holiday treats :) When I was in Paris a few months ago.. I discovered the fruits dipped in chocolate. I had some each day and the orange was my favorite. Something about orange and chocolate,right? ;)

Hope you are enjoying the season!

Brooke said...

I love Celestial holiday teas! They have so many yummy ones! I've never had that black tea, but I might have to try it! Hard to find that holiday collection where I live =(


Lobster Meets Peach said...

I make a peppermint ice-cream cake every Christmas. It is a big pain but so worth it! BTW, who is non-shitty Giada?

Kate said...

I can't get into the chocolate oranges. I just don't like that combination. Strawberries, cherries, etc I can get on board.

I just tried the candy cane joe joes from Trader Joe's. YUM!

I like making puppy chow. But now they sell it so I can be lazy and just buy it ;)