21 December 2012

Friday Favorites

Hard to believe it's our last Friday Favorites 'til Christmas!

I've loved looking through all of the reader photos in Tartanscot's Holiday Decorating Contest.  This outdoor dining scene is my favorite.  

Homemade apple-cheddar dog biscuits to fill your four-legged friends' stockings.

Pretzel M&M Hugs treats, all dressed up for Christmas. 

Are you squealing from the cuteness?

I am signing off for the next week to enjoy Christmas with my wonderful friends and family.  M and I will kick off the Christmas celebrations tomorrow when we exchange gifts and stockings and have our own Christmas dinner, just the two of us.  Then it's lots of shuttling between the two families. I can't wait to see everyone and give gifts!

What are your Christmas plans?  I'm always curious to hear about other people's traditions and how people manage multiple Christmases!


The enchanted home said...

LOVE that last picture..too cute! And that first picture, major swoon. Some family coming in, small dinner party, attending a Christmas party, low key otherwise.....and looking forward to a day of rest on Christmas which will be full of eating, cooking, and hopefully some intense Scrabble games. Merry Christmas!

Tasha Lee said...

I seriously did squeal over the dog... then I read your comment!

This will be my first Christmas dealing with more than one family. I guess it's a good and bad thing that the two families live four hours apart. We spent Thanksgiving with J's family, and we'll be spending Christmas with mine. The hubs doesn't get much time off from work, so our time spent anywhere is very limited. We've been struggling when to open our presents to each other - I really like your idea about having your own Christmas with a special Christmas dinner. Maybe in front of the fire?? I'll have to mention that to J.

MCW said...

Not sure about that first table, so pretty but you wouldn't be able to see anyone around it!

Marry Christmas! Have a wonderful holiday. xo

Nat said...

That bottom picture is hilarious!! We are heading to my in-laws this weekend to do Christmas with them and then Christmas Eve we will do party/dinner out with my immediate family. We also open all of our gifts on Christmas eve- Then we sleep in on the 25th and then have a family dinner at my parents with extended family.

LindsB said...

Ahhh the tartan I cant stand it, love it!!

I cant wait for Christmas morning!! My husband and I ALWAYS spend it with my family- that was a deal that I would not budge with when we got married. The the day or two after we have to go to his familys in CT, for as little time as I can get away with :)

I hope you and your husband have a wonderful Christmas!! xoxo

Natalia said...

LOL. The bulldog is the canine version of Grumpy Cat. Merry Christmas to you and yours!