19 December 2012

Menu Wednesday

Last week was a good eatin' week.  I only cooked 3 nights; one night we went out to dinner and Friday night we were at a rehearsal dinner for some dear friends.  Here's what I whipped up last week:

I did some serious menu-stalking on Kate and Rachel's blogs last week and decided to make this.  Oh my word. SO GOOD.  M was shoveling this in.  It was really easy to make and it made a ton {yay leftovers!}.  Don't leave the green beans out; they really add something special to this dish.

Aussie Breakfast Salad {Table Tonic}
This probably isn't a favorite of M's, but I love this meal when I'm craving something healthy, but need something substantial.  It's warm and hearty and has all sorts of interesting flavors and textures.  Plus it takes like 10 minutes to make.

I didn't take a picture because I was too busy inhaling.  Per Kate's advice, I made some adjustments here.  Namely, I only use 10 oz. of top sirloin.  I used halved Brussels sprouts instead of asparagus, since they are in season and asparagus is not.  I nixed the Gorgonzola and just grated a little Parmesan over the top at the end.  Holy moly.  I was SO skeptical about this meal. I just could not see how it was going to taste good together.  

I was wrong.  I want to eat this every day.  It was even better the next day cold.  Yum, yum, yum, yum!

That was it for us last week.  Did you make anything good I should know about?  I'm in a bit of a recipe rut {hence the blog stalking} and I'd love some new recipes!


Baltimore Prep said...

That 'breakfast salad' looks scrumptious, but that will have to be a meal for a night my husband is not around, he is not a big salad fan.

I made this Cooking Light Recipe last night and it was SOOOO good! Highly recommend!