21 August 2009

sleeping beauty, indeed!

a little belle trivia: this is my fave disney movie of all time. perfection.

it's been AGES since i did an update on my apartment redux project. the progress on my bedroom came to a halt a few months ago when all there was left to do was purchase new furnishings. {read all about that here and here.} well, i finally broke down, threw my credit card balance caution to the wind, and bought my new bed and mattress set.

well, to be completely honest, the bed was ordered today, but won't arrive for 3 weeks. but unless it's the exact opposite of how it looks in the picture, i think i'm going to be thrilled with it. bonus: it retails for a third of the price of the crate and barrel bed i originally wanted. then it was 15% off for any furniture purchases over $125. and free shipping {the shipping alone was $130}. fabulous.

i'm buying the mattress this weekend and it will be delivered on tuesday. it is like sleeping on my own little cloud {granted, pretty much anything is a step up from the thing i've been sleeping on the past few years. calling it a mattress is being waaaaaaay too generous}. i think i'm ordering these linens in the white for the bedspread. then a down comforter with a white duvet cover folded at the foot of the bed. i already have two standard shams, so i just need to pick out some new euro shams and some boudoir pillows.

i can't believe my room is so close to being complete! i'd like to add a few more little touches {a new bedside table reading lamp and maybe an orchid or a few decorative accents}, but it's almost time to move on to the rest of the house!

stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see!! Sounds so pretty!!!! = )

sarah said...

Target has had some amazing things lately in the way of furniture! Love the bed! Love the linens! This is going to look terrific!