08 March 2010

attention bargain-hunters!

friend k and i made the trek up to tar-jay yesterday in search of new sheets. jackpot. i am very picky about my sheets. they have to be white. which generally means i need at least three sets of sheets, since one pretty much always has to be in the wash. but since i upgraded to a larger bed back in september, i've been surviving on the one set of sheets i bought for it and being a slave to the washing machine every week. i finally accepted defeat and admitted i need to build my sheets collection back up. i also have a hard time going lower than 400-thread count or anything but 100% cotton. which is not cheap.

unless you shop at target! look at these babies! $49.99 for a queen set, sooooo soft, and uber luxury-hotel looking.
and then bonus! these IDENTICAL jack rogers/bonannos knock-offs for a cool twenty bucks. agreed that they are not the same quality, but when this gal's trying to dig her way out of debt while still looking preppy chic, you cut corners where you can.


Gloria Stephany said...

Verrrrry cute! I love Target and finding awesome things there! I have a pair of flip flops which look identical to J. Crew leather strap ones.

Annabel Manners said...

OMG! Those sandals are a must. Even if you shell out for Bonnanos, it's nice to have a pair you can just run around in and not have to protect. Thanks for the tip!

Michelle said...

Target is my happy place. I scored a set of king size 800 TC sheets there on Black Friday for something like $30. Ridiculous.

I was just there yesterday and I'm sure I'll be there again at some point this week. ;)

Love those shoes...Target is definitely a good place to find a cheap version of a knock off. You done good, girl!

Jennifer said...

Love these suggestions - and love your blog!