05 March 2010

help, please!

can anyone recommend a good pore minimizer? mine have seriously gotten out of control and i need to take action. my eternal gratitude if the one you recommend can actually be found at wal*mart or cvs since those are the only immediate options here in small town, virginia.


A Wedding Story said...

I think Neutrogena has a pore refiner. Might be worth a try!

MLD said...

Girl, I just had the same pore problem. I purchased the new Loreal 360 Clean Facial Cleanser with the little pop out rubber face scrubber. It works really well! I have the orange which has a bit of a scrub to it, but there are 4 different types.

Anonymous said...

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque - super cheap and a miracle worker for all sorts of skin issues! The BEST!!