05 March 2010

how could i forget?!?

the two things i am MOST looking forward to about my upcoming vacays:

dinner at the snake river grill. i had one of the top three meals of my life there in summer 2007 and also discovered my obsession with the albarino varietal. i make sure to save room for the famous srg eskimo bars. they are not to be missed.

no words necessary. animal style cheesburger, fries light well, a large diet coke. life doesn't get much better.


Running In Stilettos said...

Have a blast on your vacay! My husband and I went to Jackson Hole for our honeymoon and are dying to go back! One of his buddies is the Executive Chef at Teton Lodge's restaurant, though he was with Gamefish at Snake River Lodge when we were there. He cooked us the best 8 course dinner of our lives!!!

Have a great time and I can't wait to see pics! I would say I'm super jealous of the In-N-Out as well; however, I will be enjoying that the minute I step off the plane in LA in just a few weeks!!!! I swear I can hear bells sound and angels sing when I eat at that place!!!!

Suburban Princess said...

Have a great time!
I hear people talking about In and Out all the time but I have never been to one.