19 March 2010

happy happy, joy joy!!

{does that make anyone else think of their childhood and ren and stimpy?  just me? ok.}

lovelies, it. is. FRIDAY!! and i am just beside myself with excitement.  it is absolutely gorgeous here today.  blue skies, sunshine, and 70 degrees.  i am counting down the minutes until 4:30 when the puppy boy and i can go for a nice long run on our local nature trail, the first time this year!

isn't this picture darling?  found on flickr.

things i am thankful for this friday:

*despite the big east's colossal flop yesterday, my bracket is not completely busted. yet.  damn you, georgetown.

*mi madre is as obsessed with lands' end canvas as i am {and apparently, the rest of the blog world}, which means she'll be adding goodies for me to her order.  i've got my eye on the poplin shift dresses, the cotton lawn skirt, and um....every single color of the heritage and boyfriend v-neck cardigans!  j'adore wardrobe expansions i don't have to pay for.

*lacrosse tomorrow. taylor swift tomorrow. charlottesville restaurants and bars tomorrow.  no explanations needed.

*umm...did i mention the spring weather? makes me want to waltz around the yard whilst singing i love paris in springtime.  the more likely scenario is me belting out some britney whilst running. but you know...whatever gets the job done.

i have got ants in my pants and a big grin on my face and can't wait to frolick this weekend!  have a lovely one and oh yeah....please please please sign-up for my big spring swap thing!! we're getting a nice little group together, but it's always more fun when more people play :)


Beth McC. said...

i just love your blog, it makes me smile! I am with you 4:30 cant get here any FASTER! Have a great weekend!

KatiePerk said...

I am so ready to escape to the great outdoors!! Have fun this weekend!

MCW said...

Yayee for lacrosse! My brother's team is on their way down to play VMI!