31 March 2010

wyoming recap!

i am back from my *wonderful* trip to jackson hole!  unfortunately, my sinus infection is also back. with a vengeance.  on monday my doctor put me on a steorid nasal spray AND a two-week course of antibiotics AND she told me to take OTC sudafed.  so that should give you an idea of what we're dealing with here.  my face feels like it is about to explode, i can't really hear anything, and i have taken the art of sneezing to a whole new level.
but that's gross.  let's talk about wyoming!  here are the four crappy-BB camera pictures i took:  {i'm so bad about remembering to actually take pictures}

here's the darling new collar i bought for the puppy boy at the cutest little shop called teton tails.  the collar is made by up country, a FANTASTIC company where the products are made in the U.S.A.!  can't beat that.  i have spent way too much time on their website picking out more collars, toys, and food dishes than the puppy boy could ever need, but they are all just too darling.  please do check them out! {note: they have no clue that i exist and i am sadly not being compensated in any way to say this.  k thx.}

for myself i got....a new NARS The Multiple stick in Orgasm and a handful of the new spring colors of hanky pankys {of the ones i got, i think the steel color is my fave}.  i know those sound like the weirdest souvenirs ever.  but two things: 

first, i have major issues with purchasing things that are nonfunctional or kitschy for the sake of having a memento.  maybe it's the WASP in me or the accountant parents, but that just seems like a waste of money and a way to collect a lot of dust-catching junk.  i'd rather purchase something useful.  the last time i was in jackson hole i bought one of those cooking spider things.  to most people i'm sure that seems ridiculous.  but i got it at belle cose, my favorite store in town, and every time i use it {which is almost every day}, i smile and think of that wonderful trip.  so now when i wear my new undies or i'm putting my make-up on in the morning, i will think of this wonderful trip.  still sound ridiculous?

second, here in smalltown, va, there is ZERO access to high-end cosmetics or lingerie.  and by high-end, i mean unless it's hanes or cover girl, it ain't happening.  so if i'm going to spend money while i'm on vacay, it might as well be on things i would otherwise have to pay shipping on.  that's my story and i'm sticking to it.  it makes sense to me.  i also got a t-shirt, so there. 

and when we went to the national museum of wildlife art {which seriously...i will never get tired of visiting.  some of the most breathtaking works of art you will ever see!}, i got the most darling print of a charcoal called the moose toasting the bear done by carl rungius, one of my favorite artists.  i have searched high and low online to find a picture of the sketch, but no luck.  rest assured, it is fabulous and will look even better matted in turquoise to match my kitchen, where it will hang.  i mean, really, who doesn't love a picture of critters and martinis?!

we ate at some truly wonderful restaurants.  my favorite, of course, being the snake river grill.  i finally got another taste of my beloved srg eskimo bars.  i started with a salad of winter lettuces accompanied by a goat cheese and pistaschio souffle, followed by a delicious french-style roasted chicken with a truffled cauliflower puree and glazed baby carrots, and washed down with a french 75 and some wonderful viognier.  we were seated next to the fireplace and across from the window where we could watch it snow.  le sigh...so idyllic.

rendezvous bistro was another highlight, with a fantastic and GINORMOUS croque madam, delicious champagne, and sinful chocolate bread pudding. and of course, i started every morning at shades cafe {see above picture}, a delightful little coffee shop, with my go-to: eggs tomavo {eggs benedict, minus the canadian bacon, plus fresh tomato slices and guacamole. yum.} and a soy grand teton {read: triple espresso} latte. pure heaven.  a blueberry scone may have snuck its way into my carry-on as a treat for my sister.

the trip wasn't nearly long enough, but it was certainly long enough to confirm my absolute love of this place.  there is something very humbling about going somewhere so vast and open and beautiful...makes you realize just how tiny you are and just how big the grand scheme is.  i hope it won't be another three years before i make it back and i do hope y'all are lucky enought to get out there for a visit soon!


Suburban Princess said...

Sounds like a great trip! Feel better soon!