12 March 2010

blog swap?

oh friday, where have you been all week?  i'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend with the fam.  headed home tonight for a homecooked meal, laundry, and drinks with my high school bestie.  tomorrow i'm headed to the charlotte airport with my mama to drop off her mother for a two-week trip to palm springs.  i'm keeping my fingers crossed that payment for spending 7 hours of my saturday in a car will be {multiple} chick-fil-a and/or bojangles stops and a few new sundresses por moi. lots of weddings and other festivities this spring, you know.  sunday, we're attempting the cinnamon rolls i mentioned yesterday and then i'm headed to see my place of employment's student performance of chicago with some of the gals.  {i will be belting out razzle-dazzle 'em at the top of my lungs.}

back to the title of this post, i've been thinking i'd like to host a blog swap.  i've met two of my most favoritest bloggers through swaps {hi summer! hi angela!} and gotten some great loot.  i just think they're so much fun and i would love to meet some new gals and help link up some of my readers.  but i'm stumped on two things:  the theme and how to actually go about organizing this.  so i need your help.  what kind of blog swap would YOU like to do?  and those of you who have hosted these little shindigs before, how did you go about organizing the participants?  thanks ever so much.

bon weekend, my darlings!


KatieSPerk said...

I am so down for a Swap! They are so much fun! Never hosted but I can help spread the word when you decide!

MCW said...

I think a blog swap sounds fun! What about "my favorite summer things" or something like that?

Breanna said...

I think it sounds like a lot of fun! Let me know if you need help. I would love to join in!

justk8 said...

i just stumbled onto your blog from your comment on eddie's camellias! i love finding another southern girl in the blog world! nice to meet you!

kate @ southernbellesimple.blogspot.com

Kristin said...

How about things that remind you of Spring?

Miss Sweet Tea said...

You should do it! It's fun, but you're right, the hardest part is figuring out what the theme is! anyway, whatever you choose I'm sure it will be cute! I'll sign up :)