23 March 2010

spring wants-its: the fashion edition

so this fall i did a series of fall wants-its.  i loved doing those posts and it seems like  y'all enjoyed them too, so i thought i'd try a spring version this week.  play along!

i think the clothing department is where spring {and summer and fall and winter...}fever hits me the hardest.  maybe it's a southern thing, but the second it hits 65 degrees i start itching to put on a sundress and sandals and not change until labor day.  here's what i'm looking at for my summer 2010 uniform:

this darling dress in coral is just the ticket for upcoming weddings, bridal showers, and springtime work events.  at $98, it's quite a steal.

dying for a pair of custom bonnanos.  the emma classic monogram for me, in haze base color and white whipstich.  yes, please!

while i'm on a custom kick, i'm seriously considering purchasing a hems & hers custom hannah dress from uber-talented bloggy friend, polka dots & protein bars. 

last year i discovered the joy of shorts.  this year i will be stocking up by the truckload on the j.crew 3-inch chino shorts.  i'm starting with the basics {white, khaki [nickel?!], and navy [shadow]}, but the rosy peach and light blade are calling out to me. 

oh yes...and one of everything from tory burch please.  what's that?  i can only pick one?  le sigh....ok then the liv pump it is.  so perfect.


zippitydodaaa said...

That orange dress is darling!

Day Old News said...

Ka-uuute Anthro dress! Have you tried on the Liv pumps? I have to know if they are comfy.

besswess said...

That top dress is precious! I would love to own it!

CAC muffin said...

i heart the athro dress! they only have black in the stores here :( - and those heels oh those heels are to DIE FOR!

Michelle said...

j.crew chino shorts are the best...I have the 3", the 5" and the bermuda length. love, love, love them.