18 March 2010

crazytown, u.s.a.

*public service announcment* please, please, pretty please sign-up for my spring swap!  i will be scarred from blog swaps forever if i only have like 5 participants {thanks to you 5 lovely participants!}

seriously....i have been the worst. blogger. EVER. recently.  apologies!!  we have entered crazytown, u.s.a. here at work as the end of our fiscal year is quickly approaching and we still have another 1.5 odd million buckaroos to raise. 

i am looking forward to my two much-needed upcoming vacays!  i leave on monday night for jackson hole with my daddy.  i'm so excited and know we're going to have the best time, but i am SOOOO not ready.  i need to take a page out of mindy's book...this girl knows how to prepare for a trip!  and exactly one month from today, i will be sunning myself in southern cali after 3 blissful days of coachella and friends and family :) jumpstart on summer tan, here i come!

taylor swift concert on saturday night with blurker friend a.  no words really necessary.  i am going to be singing my little lungs out because i HEART me some tay swizzle!  on a scale of 1 to 10, how dorky is it if i buy a concert t-shirt?  10?  yeah, i thought so.

it's my favorite time of year...MARCH MADNESS!  we got the official e-mail warning this morning that if we watch it at work, we are going to shut down the internet.  we'll see about that...  i've picked kansas to be the big winner...who did you pick?

things with the new boy are still trucking right along.  it's been a month and a half.  i met his parents and three buds from college a few weeks ago and had so much fun.  meeting his brother this weekend.  not going to go into too much detail as i have an irrational fear of jinxing things.

sorry i have been so MIA!  i'm still here reading all of your lovely posts and i promise i will do something worthy of an interesting blogpost sometime here soon :)

sign-up for the blog swap! {i know...shameless...}


Molly Lou Gifts said...

I hear you on the CRAZYTOWN bit. Whew. I am so jealous of your upcoming trips and can't wait to hear about them.

I meant to sign up for your swap the other day, but I just did. Thanks again for organizing. Happy Thursday

Suburban Princess said...

Have a great time on your trips!

MCW said...

I just posted the swap on my blog!

Lexilooo said...

I just signed up for the swap!

And Taylor Swift! So much fun! I'd love to see her...she's coming to DC in June, I think...I might need to find a lady friend to go with me!

Michelle said...

My daughter is so disappointed that we're not going to the Taylor Swift concert on Saturday. I kinda wish we were...I would totally make a side trip to Arch's for some froyo. ;)

Have fun at the show & on your upcoming trips!!