07 October 2011

belated bachelorette recap

ok, so i'm only about a month late in this update.  that seems about par for the course for where my brain is right now.  ahem.

exactly one month ago this weekend, i headed to gulf shores, alabama with my beautiful bridesmaids for a long bachelorette weekend at the beach.  i am not much of a nightowl or a party animal, so the thoughts of a 3-day vegas bender-type party were exhausting to me.  a beach weekend with my gals was much more my speed.  lucky for me, one of my bridesmaids' families owns a beyond gorgeous home right on the ocean in gulf shores.  see pictorial evidence below.

we arrived late on thursday evening to a batch of homemade magnolia whoopie cookies from bridesmaid c {and college bestie}.  i could only eat half of one at a time because they were so rich and sugary, but OMG wowza, were they ever delicious!  plus, bridesmaid v's mama went all out with the decorations and favors.

this pic courtesy of the huffington post.  we devoured these before any pictures could be taken.  probably for the best.

what happens at the bachelorette party, stays at the bachelorette party.

favor bags.

there were rose petals scattered on the bed that i slept in. 

and a sweet card and pink bath lovelies in my bathroom.

friday we just lazed about by the pool, by the ocean, and on the terrace.  my sister-in-law declared it the most sedate bachelorette party she had even been to.  probably because at one point, i was on the terrace drinking diet coke sans any alcohol, bridesmaid c was reading on her ipad, bridesmaid a was studing her family law book {she's a 2L at anonymous boston law school}, and bridesmaid v and the maid of honor were both still sleeping.

i party hard. note the personalized coozie.  bridesmaid c made one for everyone. so cute.

friday night we got all gussied up for my "wild" {i use that term loosely} night on the town at the florabama.  those of you who have been to gulf shores know what i'm talking about.  those who haven't, well...you just have to experience it for yourselves.  bras hanging everywhere, only porta-potty bathrooms {most of which without functioning doors}, and more meth-face jacked-up teeth than i have ever seen in my life.  in other words, the perfect place for a ridiculous bachelorette party. 

oh yes, those are all bras.  photo courtesy of.

as soon as we walked in, we owned the place.  not even kidding, another bachelorette party left the floor we were on because people were drawn to us. and by us, i mean the crazy, over-the-top headpiece my maids made me wear.  this beauty was made by my sweet friend, tracy.  she custom makes these in her etsy shop, so if you're in the need for some head-turning bachelorette gear, you MUST purchase one of her headdresses.  they were the best free drink getter conversation starter ever!

my get-up.  click on the pic for some details of the epic headdress.  yes, it sat on my lap on the plane on both flights home.

the gang's all here! notice the banner in the background made by bridesmaid v's mama.

case in point:  this poor guy.  he was so sweet and charming, and he and his buddy spent pretty much the entire night talking to my future sister-in-law and bridesmaid v.  from the time they started hanging with us, no one in our group paid for a single drink.  bridesmaid v saw their tab at the end of the night and it wasn't pretty.  unfortunately for them, both ladies are not only attached, but are in very serious relationships and not even the slightest bit interested in anyone else.  which they mentioed several times.  oh well.  we are not a group to turn down free shots.

hanging his head in shame after seeing the bar tab.

the rest of the weekend was spent eating vats of rotel and tortilla chips and drinking gallons of wine.  we occasionally ventured out of the house for pool + beach time and walks and one lovely dinner out at cosmo's.  oh, and a trip to hooters for the maid of honor and my future sister-in-law to watch the ravens beat down the steelers.

i couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate my last month of singlehood.  i wish i was back at the beach with these lovely ladies this weekend!  but i do have my final dress fitting this weekend, so maybe it's for the best that i'm not eating cheese dip and chips all weekend...


Bonnie said...

This looks like so much fun!!! I love girls' days.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

MCW said...

Why do girls always go to bars with bras hanging from the ceiling? I know we always do for bachelroette parties! However, no one I know has actually ever taken hers off!

Glad you had fun!

KatiePerk said...

The head dress is amazing!!! Glad you gals had fun! My bachelorette party was very similar!

pretty pink tulips said...

What a great time you all must have had!!! You clearly have an amazing group of girlfriends.

Savor every moment - this is your time!!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

...just another preppy shopaholic said...

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