11 October 2011

lesson learned

i have been planning our wedding on my own.  we have a wedding director/coordinator/whatever you want to call her for the day of, but everything else has been all me.  that's partially because i am a crazy type-A control freak, but mainly because i really want to get into private event planning for a career and this is the best place to start {the beginning of my portfolio, if you will}.

one of the biggest lessons i've learned is to pick great vendors who you trust and whose work you love and leave the rest up to them.  our stationer, our photographer, our reception site, and our caterer have all blown me away {thus far} with their professionalism, eye for details, and general awesomeness.  if you let them do their thing {and you are nice to them!}, you will be just fine.

however, i've also learned that you need to triple-check EVERYTHING to make sure that your vendors have dotted their i's and crossed their t's.  case in point:  today i was checking our invoice for our china, stemware, and flatware rentals and discovered that instead of renting us the 9 oz. tulip champagne flute that i had requested, they had rented us the 6.5 oz tulip ice cream sundae dish.  rental company FAIL.




although i have to say, i got a kick imagining our guests awkwardly drinking champagne out of those ice cream dishes.  hilarious.  moral of the story:  even if you have wonderful, amazeball vendors, it's OK to be overly neurotic extra cautious and check up on them.



cute post--found you through TIna this morning!

KatiePerk said...

Nice catch! That could have been a disaster!!