18 October 2011

fall wishlist

with all of this wedding hullabaloo, i haven't really done much in the way of fall wardrobe purging and updating.  it's on what my mom calls my AW list: After Wedding.  since i do like to be prepared, here are a few things i have in mind for AW purchases:

patagonia highlands dress.  i think this would be so cute with a belted cardigan over top and some tights and boots.

nixon time teller.  i've wanted a big, men's gold watch for a while.  a rolex or cartier aren't in the budget right now, but i just really don't like the michael kors ones that are all over the place.  this one is just right.

quiksilver waves cardigan.  i LOVE a big, cozy, shawl-collar cardigan, and the subtle navajo print is totally on trend. 

j.crew schoolboy blazer.  i've been gun shy the past two years about buying a navy blazer, but this may be the year i finally pull the trigger.  they're so classic and make practically anything look chic.

lanvin python ballerina flats.  ok, so i had to throw in one thing that i know isn't going to happen.  but i am completely in love with them.  if anyone would like to buy me a pair, i will happily accept.  any takers?

thanks to the wonders of the internet, i have been able to pick up a few items to perk up my closet.  some much needed button-down shirts, one in a spunky color and the other in a classic preppy print:

fun and functional fleece socks for my hunters.  i've been trying to get a pair of these for the past two years, but they're ALWAYS sold out!  i finally found success at nordstrom.

and i snagged a few items at old navy when they were having an extra 30% off online orders a few weeks ago.  i got a cozy cowl neck sweater {i plan to order a few more, i love it so much!} and a grey jersey maxi skirt since the madewell one i wanted so badly is sold out.  old navy is usually hit or miss for me, and right now, they are a total hit.

any fall pretties you've had your eye on or purchased lately?  i'd love to add to my list!