12 October 2011

wedding wednesday: the food

i think one of the things we're most excited about for the wedding is the food. our caterer, center stage catering, has been so wonderful to work with throughout the planning process!  they've answered my approximately 900 annoying questions, calmed my nerves, and really listened to what we wanted. 

they're also allowing us to purchase the cheese for our cocktail hour from my cheese monger in our old town, small town, virginia.  meg is amazing and has the most incredible selection of cheeses {including lots of stinky ones, my fave!} and i can't wait for our friends and family to try them.

so here's what we're having {click on the menu cards* to enlarge}:
here's the picture i gave the caterer as what i have in mind for the cheese table:

aaaah, this is the table i am the most excited about!! biscuits?!  AND grits?! HOLY YUM!  you better believe that the maid of honor {my sister} and me will be camped out at this table. 

this is the table the beau is most excited about.  they had him at meatballs.  i'm pretty excited for the mac-and-cheese myself {seriously, in these final weeks of calorie counting before the wedding, i am dreaming of all things cheese-related}.

yep, we're doing a pie bar.  neither of us are big wedding cake fans, so this is perfect for us.  we know that lemon meringue and cherry aren't exactly in season, but they're our favorites.  i've tried to shy away from things that are overly "wedding trendy", but this is something we would've done even if it wasn't such a big thing right now.  but the good news is that there is a ton of inspiration for pie bars out there!

ours are in the most adorable little nest.

doesn't it all sound SO amazing?!  plus, we giving out glazed apple cider donuts from my dad's favorite donut shop as favors.

i cannot wait to eat all of this delicious yumminess.  i know, i know...everyone says you don't eat at your own wedding.  i'm out to prove that rumor FALSE.

*the menu cards were designed by me for my personal use.  please do not use them without permission.  k thx bai.


{The Perfect Palette} said...

that food looks delish

KatiePerk said...

What fun! It is going to be spectacular. The pie topper is fab and I love the donuts!

Katie said...

This all looks amazing!!! I absolutely love that cheese table inspiration!

Legallyblondemel said...

You have both a stinky cheese and a biscuits n grits table? I'm eagerly awaiting my invitation to this.

On the subject of being able to eat at your own wedding, has anyone suggested having a designated waiter for you two? We did, and it was the only way we were able to scarf down a few bites; the waiter ended up doubling as bouncer when (well-meaning, of course) guests approached during dinner.

Mel@Georgica Pond said...

I am visiting from The Enchanted Home where I was also given the nod by Tina - isn't she fabulous. So glad to be introduced to your blog, it's lovely and I'm off to have a good look around.