16 March 2009

Bad Belle

So I'm normally a pretty healthy eater. But this weekend {I think it was all the crappy weather...} I was craving some major junk food and gave in. Big Time. Pizza, stuffed shells, a donut {or three}, and my spring favorite: Cadbury Mini-Eggs! Normally I don't beat myself up over a few treats, but this was like 3 days of whatever I want, I eat. Oopsy :)

However, this blog makes me feel waaaaaaaay better about myself. Consider yourself warned: it can be kind of gross. People actually eat this stuff. WOW. But I'm like, Wow, OK even on a bad day, I'm way better than these folks. Try it out the next time you indulge your Chipotle craving.

One more food-related blog that i looooove is Cake Wrecks. If you're ever bored at work or just need to laugh, please visit. Some of the posts are kind of mediocre, but some of them are HILARIOUS. This one is my all-time favorite, but I also recommend checking out the Wedding Wrecks and ALL of the holiday posts.

Happy Monday, lovelies!!

update: as i sit here updating my bracket for about the 10th time today, an ad for reese's cups popped up. thank god there's a salmonella scare right now, or i would be on my way to cvs for a big, fat reese's egg. will someone please make my inner fat kid shut up?!


icing on the cake said...

Yuck! I'm amazed people can eat that stuff! But, fascinating at the same time!