03 March 2009

penny pinching

ok ladies, time to talk about something super unglamorous, non-chic, and downright soccer mom-ish. that's right....it's time to talk about coupons.so here's the thing...i'm a big believer in never paying retail. i'm normally a pro at this when it comes to my wardrobe. i am the queen of sales, e-bays, and using all of the discounts/free shipping offers for online shopping. occasionally i make an exception {see: tory flats from yesterday's post}, but i'm generally pretty hard and fast on this.

not so much when it comes to other purchases. i am TERRIBLE about hunting bargains and using coupons for groceries, etc. it's not that i don't want to. as far as i'm concerned, every penny saved on groceries is another penny towards a new pair of shoes. i just don't really have a strategy. i get coupons and shove them in my purse and forget about them. i forget to read the sunday paper ads for who has a deal on what. you get the picture.

so i need help! first of all, any suggestions on where a gal can get a cute coupon organizer? my mom has one and it seems very handy, but um....it's super fug, so that won't work. but i think if i had a pretty one i would be more likely to fill it/use it. any other suggestions? i know some of you ladies are pros at this, so ideas on how to be a bit more budget-conscious at the ole Wally*World or Kroger? much obliged.
{p.s. lean cuisines are $1.99 at Kroger. get 'em while they're hot....er, frozen.}
happy tuesday!


Barefoot in the Park said...

oh i have the cutest one. i bought it at a local stationary store, but recently saw them in francesca's collection. the tag on it says "Galison New York" and a website www.galison.com