30 March 2009

Bridal Shower HELP!!

So one of my besties is getting married in July. I'm going to an around-the-clock bridal shower for her in T-minus two weeks. My time? 4pm. WTF. We're still at WORK at 4pm. So then I was like, OK well maybe cocktail hour. Except they already had a Stock the Bar engagement party in November.

So this is where y'all come in: I am beyond stumped at a cute, thoughtful, useful, creative wedding shower gift that goes with a time of 4pm. I'm turning to y'all for suggestions. What are gifts that you have gotten or given that you looooved? What else could work for 4pm?



Brenn said...

Don't people have tea time at 4p.m.? What about a cute tea related gift?

DocJAD said...

Tea time is a good idea. Or what about some sort of pick me up gift, since 4PM is right before work is over, maybe some sort of freshening gift to help her get ready for going home or going out? Maybe someone else would have an idea as to what that might be!

icing on the cake said...

I love the idea of teatime things like pretty tea strainers and a pretty tea pot - you could even get some delicious tea to get them started - check out www.theculturedcup.com for their assortment of Mariage Freres Tea - I recommend French Breakfast. What a fun shower!

Sunshine In The City said...

Hi! What about items for a BBQ? Are they registered for such things? You could get a grill basket and tongs and then some fun napkins, spice packets/rubs/sauces, etc.

Another idea is a picnic in the park.

I always try to buy at least one thing off the registry and then add a little of my own flair to the gift.

Mary Eliza said...

Maybe coffee? I know that around 4pm I'm usually hitting a wall and if I'm going to be productive at all, I need some coffee.

So maybe a basket of fun coffees, mugs, etc.

Just a thought :)