12 March 2009

Spring Giveaways!

OK I had to delete my earlier post on this because my blogger is being super wonky and not letting me format it the way that I want. So here we go, ladies...a run-down of all the fabu giveaways going on in Blogland right now. Please don't enter any of them :)

1) adorable and witty bride-to be elefantitas alegres is giving away a tres chic bikini bag.
2) Amanda is giving away a subscription to MS Living!
3) Southern Belle is giving away a Bliss travel kit. I want to go to there.
4) In honor of her 200th(!) post, Preppy 101 is giving away adorbs reuseable shopping bags AND a scalloped-edge memo board. Presh.
5) Last but certainly not least, Miss KAG is giving away a boatload of Gemvelopes.

ok ladies...i've done my part for multiple entries. now i'm begging the rest of you to scoot on over to these lovely blogs, read, and admire the giveaway from afar. i want all of this loot to myself!


Preppy 101 said...

You are too funny! I so want those gemvelopes ;-) xoxo

Peace L♥ve Applesauce said...

Awesome.. Thanks for all the links!