14 June 2012

Man Shades

After Tuesday's post, I don't want y'all to think that I'm not trying to fluff up M with some spit and polish; I totally am.  Current victories include exorcising his closet of the A.C. Slater jeans and his old man orthopedic dress shoes; his requesting a pair of Sperrys with no encouragement from me; and the fact that he now owns 4 Brooks Brothers items.  Progress, people.  Progress.

Next on the list are sunglasses.  Here are his current sunglasses:
Like, this exact same pair.

I've always thought they were a wee bit Zack Morris {in keeping with the Saved by the Bell analogy}, but I had bigger battles to fight so I kind of let it be.  Then a few weeks ago a few of his buddies were giving him a hard time about them and I saw my window of opportunity.  Because if your heterosexual male friends are ragging on your shades, it's time to step up yo' game.

He has requested no aviators and no Wayfarers.  So here is what I have come up with:

The Orvis ones are my favorite, but methinks M is going to be more into the first pair. I had to include the Ray-Bans because they're the ones Don Draper wears. Rawr.  And the Persols are classics.

What do you think?  Which ones are your favorite?  Any more suggestions?


Virginia Belle said...

I like the 2nd and 4th options. You may want to check out maui jim sunglasses too. My husband is on his second pair and their a good compromise between trendy and classic shades!

xx BHB said...

PRAISE YOU for accomplishing all these updates!!!!!

MCW said...

I think my brother wears the same sunglasses. He too is a man of style :) I think everything he owns is red and has the college name on almost everything. I told him he always looked like Tim Taylor.

I think glasses #1!

Portuguese Prepster said...

My boyfriend literally just bought the Persol shades! He loves them and they look great!

Andie said...

my husband wears similar sunglasses and while I hate them, i just let him be because I am pretty sure that's an argument I'll never win! LOL

I love the Ray Bans!

USCEmily said...

What about Costa del Mar? My husband has like 4 pair, and the great thing is, if they break, get scratched, etc., they'll replace them for a fraction of the cost. They have some good looking ones, too, and they're really functional with the polarized lenses, especially the glass polarized lenses.