11 June 2012

Menu Monday

Lots of goodies for you this week.  Enjoy!

We both really enjoyed this meal.  I made it with haddock, since our grocery store doesn't sell sustainable flounder.  I used yellow bell pepper, because I don't really like green bell pepper.  Otherwise, no adjustments.  It was tasty and it met our weeknight repeat requirements: super easy to make and super easy to clean up.

Orange and Balsamic Chicken {Everyday Food November 2010}
 So I liked this. A lot.  But M LOVED it.  As in, could not stop raving about it and declared that it would be on the list of his last meal choices.  I think I've served the guy too many boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  A chicken thigh with bone-in, skin-on apparently sends him over the top these days.

Meh.  This was average, at best.  I added a splash of white wine and some roasted grape tomatoes so there would be some sort of a sauce, and even that didn't add much flavor.  M enjoyed the leftovers heated up with some marinara sauce, but I just was not into this at all.  

Grilled Garden Wrap {Iowa Girl Eats}
I absolutely loved this.  Super fresh and easy and tasty.  I didn't miss the meat at all.  M, on the other hand...well, he doesn't really like cream cheese in the first place, so that didn't help.  He did say that with the addition of some grilled chicken and the subtraction of the cream cheese he thought he would like it.  But I'm not big on fixing two basically separate meals for two people, so this recipe will go in my "Single Nights" file. Yum.

taken on Instagram.  Come follow me! @belleonheels

Speaking of "Single Nights" recipes.  M was at his brother's bachelor party this weekend, which gave me a chance to bust out the goat cheese, my secret lover.  M HATES goat cheese and I could eat it with a spoon 3 meals a day.  I heart it, big time.  This meal was just all sorts of happiness-inducing por moi.  

Bon appetit!


MCW said...

I love goat cheese as well! It really confuses me when people don't like it. That meal looks sooo good!

xx BHB said...

JM is traveling this week so I have Chick Food on the menu.... tortellini with a chopped arugula pesto/sauce is on the menu for sure :)

Barefoot in the Park said...

i sparkle heart goat cheese too. luckily the hubs does do but...wait for it...wait for it.... he ISN'T A FAN OF PASTA?!? it's basically one of my required food groups. i, too, eat it every time i have a single night :)

Stephanie said...

That goat cheese pasta sounds delicious! And, easy! :)

LindsB said...

mmm, I would LOVE a big bowl of pasta right about now. Who cares if its breakfast time or not, I really want some pasta and cheese please!!!

Portuguese Prepster said...

that last pasta looks delish!