19 June 2012

My Birfday

I don't know about you, but around these parts, we celebrate birthMONTHS.  And by we, I mean I. And my mama.  {I can feel the eyerolls coming from the general directions of my father and husband's desks.}  And since my birthmonth kicks off in a mere 43 days {but who's counting?}, I thought I'd start leaving some ever-so-subtle wishlist hints for my nearest and dearest here on the ole blog.  Today, we start with the big guns.
I would just adore another David Yurman cable to keep my current one company.  In either the February birthstone {get it, M? So that I have one with mine and one with yours? I am being SO GENEROUS to keep you in mind whilst birthday shopping for myself} or the buckle clasp.  Because it reminds me of that pony I never got as a child.
Or we could take a trip to the Hermes store during our Boston jaunt to check out my long-desired H bracelet and to see if the TPM size is an urban legend or dream-come-true for this tiny-wristed gal.

 Or if you are feeling extra romantical, we could stroll on over to the Louis Vuitton store {my research tells me there is one near our hotel} and I could decide once and for all if I want the Neverfull MM or the PM.

 Welp, that should be plenty of food for thought for now. 
What's on your current wishlist?


Preppy Girl Meets World said...

That exact bag and the David Yurman bangles are both on my wishlist.

I have tiny wrists, and I have one of the Hermes Clic H bracelets. It works great for me!

Karena said...

You deserve it all Sarah!! Celebrate!!

Art by Karena
Artists Series 2012

Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

Just gonna go ahead and copy and paste for my husband. Thx

Table4One said...

The fact that you said birfday cracks me up! I say that too!!!!! And being an only child I also celebrate my birthmonth as well!! I'm sure that Neverfull would look great on you :)

The enchanted home said...

Happy birmonth to you! Hey why not...I am all for multiple reasons to celebrate and if multiple gifts are part of that package...who could turn it down!! Love your loot list and hope you get it all........Boston is such a great city for shopping! Enjoy whats to come and happy early birthday:)

Portuguese Prepster said...

I have my eye on the Hermes bracelet for my next birthday or Christmas! Another yurman bangle is always fun too! You deserve it!

pretty pink tulips said...

Well, happy early birthday Sarah!! Mine was yesterday...and I so agree with keeping the party going!

Love your wish list. I've got some baubles from Irene Neuwirth on mine!

xoxo Elizabeth

Kate said...

I want a Hermes bracelet too!

Love the purple color of that DY bracelet